TALLITOT - tallitot are contemporary in design and color, I have tried to keep a traditional integrity alive, so they still look like tallitot. My signature 18 Stripes, to symbolize Chai (life), intends to maintain that timeless sense of style. The standard shawl tallis is 14" by 72". The body is made of 8 momme (the silk measurement for weight) Habotai silk. All the design Elements, the ATORAH (collar), Stripes and tzitzit square Corners are painted on 10 momme Habotai silk and sewed onto the tallis body. You also have a choice of tzitzit, rayon or wool. Note: There are additional options, such as fabric and sizing choices, listed with the Prices. Examples

KIPPOT - kippot are another option I offer. They are individually designed, hand-painted and have a white cotton lining. There are two styles of kippot; the Standard Kippah (S) which is circular shaped and made up of 6 triangles of fabric running approximately 6"-7" in diameter. The Kuzari Kippah (K) has the same qualities as the Standard Kippah, but in addition has a 1 1/2" brim around the 6 triangles of fabric creating the appearance of a small hat. I strongly suggest that you order your kippah at the same time as the tallis to prevent mismatching of colors. I mix all dyes individually for each order. Therefore, I cannot guarantee perfect color duplication at a later date. Examples

TALLIS BAGS - custom velvet tallis bags are 10" by 12" and lined with a synthetic fabric called Silkessence. You have a choice of two colors, Royal Blue or Royal Purple. There is a choice from six Jewish theme buttons that I make out of ceramic which are finished with a baked on gold enamel. The button choices are: Jewish Star, Dove, Tablets, Chai, Hamsah, and Shofar. The button fastens the bag closed through a button hole sewn into the front flap corner of the bag. My tallis bags are specially designed to minimize creasing of your tallis while being stored and transported. Examples